To J-PORT the most important thing regarding tea and health is the quality of the tealeaves themselves: Clean and healthy, excellent quality leaves, supplied by reliable partners. No matter how healthy green tea may be, if the taste and aroma are not enjoyable, the client will not become a regular green tea drinker.


J-PORT buys directly from the producers of the tea. The sources of all teas are recorded. The producers have a long history (Shohokuen exists even for more than 350 years!), have won prizes for best tea of Japan and are proud to deliver the highest possible quality.

Healthy tea plants

The leaves are just harvested once or twice per year, to keep the plants in good condition. Plucking more often would weaken the plant and result in leaves with not much flavour. Mostly organic fertilizer such as powdered rapeseed is used to keep the soil full of nutrients. The teagardens are extremely well kept.

No additives

J-PORT and its producers do not allow any colouring or flavouring additives in the tea. This is also why there will never be kokeicha in the product line-up.


All tea is grown, processed and packed in the same location, which allows complete process control. As soon as the tea leaves have been plucked, they are steamed, rolled, dried and vacuum packed in modern, hygienic processing factories.

Meeting the standards concerning pesticides residues

All teas are tested on pesticides residues in the German laboratories of Eurofins and Phytolab, which are specialized in tea analysis.

Green tea's effects on health

In recent years green tea has received a lot of attention for its believed positive effects on health. In the past green tea was even considered a medicine, not only in Japan and China, but also in the western world. A lot of information on research concerning health and green tea can be found on the internet. Below you will find just a few of these links.

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Disinfecting and deodorizing

In Japan tea is also appreciated for its disinfecting and deodorizing properties. Japanese hospitals used to wash their sheets in green tea.

An open container with tealeaves in the fridge will absorb odours. For the same purpose, used and dried leaves can be mixed with the cat litter.

Tealeaves put on an aromatherapy burner will clear the air after smoking or frying food (such as fish).

Eye compresses

Used green tea bags make relaxing eye compresses, either warm or cold. The fillable teabags are great for this, but regular green tea bags can be used as well.