Washi canister
Metal canisters decorated with washi, traditional Japanese paper.
Sizes 100g, 150g, 200g in various designs
Temari canister
Metal canister with rounded top and bottom in green and crème colour
Size 80g
Tatami coaster
Real tatami coaster for teapot with border in various colours
Size 155x155x15mm
Washi woodblock print canister
Metal canisters decorated with woodblock print on washi, traditional Japanese paper.
Size 200g in red or purple (Japanese ladies), green or yellow (landscape)
Ume Gold canister
Metal canister in mat golden colour with plum (ume) design; very smooth finish
Size 200g
Sakuragawa canister
Metal can decorated with the bark of cherry wood
Size 100g, 150g
Shikisai Green canister
Metal canisters in mat green colours; very smooth finish
Size 100g
Ceramic canister
Tea canisters in various designs from famous pottery village Arita (Kyushu, Japan). Keep your tea fresh in a ceramic tea canister. In the past, expensive tea was stored in large moisture-proof porcelain jars, in which it was also transported to the US and Europe.
Size 100g
Tea scoops (chasaji) made of cherry wood bark
Shape: Regular (88mm) or Gourd (85 mm)
Tea scoop (chasaji) made of plastic
Shape: Gourd, green colour (90mm)

Tea scoop (chasaji) made of bamboo
Handmade scoop in black finish (75mm)
Chasen and Natsume
Natsume, Chasen, Chasen-oki
Natsume, matcha container in red.
Before making matcha, the matcha powder is sieved and put in the natsume. For the tea ceremony, the matcha for thin tea (usucha) is kept in the natsume.

Chasen, bamboo whisk
Chasen-oki, bamboo whisk rest
Chasen and Chasenoki
Ceramic rest for the bamboo whisk (chasen)
Let the bamboo whisk dry on the chasen-oki after use. Indispensable to keep the bamboo whisk in good shape.
Chasen, bamboo whisk
The chasen is made by splitting a bamboo into fine hairs. The more hairs the whisk has, the finer the foam of the matcha will become. Basic whisks have 80 hairs, good whisks 100 and top quality whisks have 120 hairs. J-PORT's chasen has 120 hairs and is guaranteed Japanese made (with a registered number).
Matcha tea bowl (chawan) C-21; white; terra coloured decoration
Matcha tea bowl (chawan) C-23; blue
Matcha tea bowl (chawan) C-24; brown with white frosty glaze
Matcha tea bowl (chawan) C-27; terra (red)
Chashaku, bamboo tea scoop
The chashaku is made of bamboo and is used for measuring matcha.
Hishaku, bamboo water scoop
The hishaku is made of bamboo and is used for scooping hot water from the kettle to make matcha.
Fillable tea bags
The bags are made of bio-degradable cotton fibre.
Contents: 60 bags.
Size: 95x70mm
Fillable tea bags continued
Fill the bags with your favourite choice of leaf tea. Close it like a pillow case and put in cup or tea pot.
The used bags filled with green tea or chamomile, can be used as eye compresses to relax your eyes.